Thermographic Energy Audits (TEA)

ThermoPhoto Inc. Infrared Inspections represent a break through approach to residential building upkeep, safety, and energy efficiency. We use state-of-the-art technology – thermography – that lets us see what others cannot see.

Thermographic investigations are scientific factual surveys of current conditions. With a candid analysis of your property, you will be able to make informed decisions to correct problems before they become hazardous or a financial burden.

Below you will see what is visible with an infrared thermographic analysis of a property versus what the naked eye can see.

What We Look For

  • Overall thermal condition assessment of the residence
  • Air leaks in the building envelope (energy saving)
  • Identify presence of moisture that leads to mold and mildew damage (prevent illness)
  • Inspect for water damage or point of infiltration (money saving)
  • Identify potential electrical fire hazards (life-saving)
  • Find foundation leakage with non-destructive methods (money saving)
  • Evaluate the condition and efficiency of heating/cooling and water heating systems (money saving)
  • Evaluate windows, doors, lighting and appliances (energy saving)
  • Assessment of other critical components of the home to increase energy efficiency, comfort, health and safety (life style)

The Best Part

Because we are NOT contractors and do not sell any products or contracting services, we have nothing to gain by recommending unnecessary and expensive upgrades. You can be assured that our findings and recommendations are absolutely unbiased.

Thermographic Energy Audit Provides:

  • A home check for common electrical faults that cause fires.
  • Detailed visual and infrared pictures of exactly where anomalies of heat loss, water damage, and electrical faults exist. (With pinpoint precision)
  • Gives recommendations to what improvements need to be made, as well as recommendations for improvements that should be made. (no longer be at the mercy of contractors)
  • An overall view of the efficiency of your home. (Peace of mind)

Heated Electrical Connections

  • Identification of missing insulation

A Thermographic Energy Audit Report

Our narrative-style reports include:

  • Detailed description of findings and recommendations
  • Digital photos and thermal imagery
  • Estimated cost of retrofits
  • Estimated savings on energy costs
  • Return-on-investment (payback time) for key retrofits
  • Prioritized to-do list for “targeted improvements”

Please click here to view a sample report